Silo Bag:
Redefining the way commodities are stored, handled and traded globally.

What are silobags?


A Silobag is made of a three layer film (white-black) with UV protection

  • 3 layers of coextruded polyethylene, 250 microns thick.
  • 2 white layers to make the bag weather proof and act as a UV Filter
  • 3rd layer is black and protects the grain from the sunlight

All bags manufactured from the latest generation raw material. NO RECYCLED materials are used in the formula to create weaknesses in the bags


Bags are available in diameters of: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12 feet.

Length of bags are: 60 metres, 75 metres and 100 metres.

Bags are suitable for storing many products:

  • Dry Grains
  • Humid/wet grains
  • Forages

All grain bags come with unique bar codes. This bar code provides access via regular smart phone scanning to the Secure Commodities Virtual warehouse.


What can we bag

  • Dry grains
  • Wet grains
  • Rolled/crushed grains
  • Forages
  • Fertilizer
  • Dried fruits
  • Wood chips and many other commodities

By using our state of the art machinery, grain is stored in an absolute anaerobic environment. Once the grain is put in the bag and the bag is sealed one must realize that grain is a living organism. The grain together with other living organisms like fungus, bacteria as well as insects which can go into the bag during harvest, inhibits their own respiratory process where oxygen is consumed, producing an atmosphere rich in carbon dioxide. This process assures optimum conservation of your grain over time. This atmosphere keeps stable, preventing not only the reproduction of fungus and insects, but also the increase of the grain’s temperature.



Silo Seala

  • Works off vehicle battery in the field
  • Creates the perfect Hermetic seal
  • Saves having to fit "difficult" plastic sealing kits
  • Is much stronger than standard seals; particularly useful when out loading the bags

Simply hook your SILO SEALA up to a 12v battery (use your vehicle or any other machinery/battery that is close by), clamp it onto the open end of your Silobag and adjust the heat setting. Press the red button and wait! You don’t even have to hold it, once in place just wait until the alarm stops, indicating it’s done. Unclamp, move along to the next section and seal again. Repeat until you’ve reached the end of the bag...

Please contact Silo Bag for further information, product availability and pricing.