Silo Bag:
Redefining the way commodities are stored, handled and traded globally.

What machinery do you need?


The bags are filled by way of a high capacity, low cost ‘bagger”

The baggers have the ability to fill the bags at +/- 400 mt tones per hour

The tunnel of the baggers are designed to be over centre, which has the effect of the commodities pushing the bagger forward automatically as the bags are filled. To correct this process, the baggers are fitted with an effective braking system that controls the rate of forward movement, and in turn, the amount of bag stretching and effective removal of excess air from the bag.

Silo Bags offers a selection of baggers to suit all applications, from dry baggers, wet grain baggers, forage baggers, tractor driven baggers, self propelled baggers (tractor less) and auger less baggers for delicate commodities, in sizes from 6 foot to 12 foot diameter. A bagger for every situation and commodity

You can see a short movie of a grain bagger in action here


A specially designed extractor is used to take out the grain from the bags easily and efficiently. It cut opens or rolls the bag and lifts the grain to a grain cart or truck at a rate of 200 MT per hour.

The main features of these extractors are they work on all types of grain with 360 degree high capacity unloading auger. These extractors are very easy to transport between locations.

You can see a short movie of a grain bagger in action here



Silo Seala

  • Works off vehicle battery in the field
  • Creates the perfect Hermetic seal
  • Saves having to fit "difficult" plastic sealing kits
  • Is much stronger than standard seals; particularly useful when out loading the bags

Simply hook your SILO SEALA up to a 12v battery (use your vehicle or any other machinery/battery that is close by), clamp it onto the open end of your Silobag and adjust the heat setting. Press the red button and wait! You don’t even have to hold it, once in place just wait until the alarm stops, indicating it’s done. Unclamp, move along to the next section and seal again. Repeat until you’ve reached the end of the bag...

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