Silo Bag:
Redefining the way commodities are stored, handled and traded globally.


  • Dry grain baggers in 6 foot, 9 foot, 10 foot and 12 foot diameters
  • Capacity in excess of 400ton/hour
  • Direct loading models from delivery trucks available
  • Tractor driven or self propelled models available
  • Rice Baggers
  • Baggers with grain crushers fitted (6 foot machine is perfect for intensive animal production)

9ft Bagger


9ft Bagger


10ft Bagger


12ft Bagger


Self Propelled Kits available

You can see a short movie of a grain bagger in action here

  • High Capacity out loading machines, which can out turn at approximately 300 ton/hour

2330 Sweeper Extractor

sweeper Extractor sweeper Extractor
  • Versatile, multipurpose machine
  • Perfect for areas where grain handling machinery is in 'short supply' such as emerging markets
  • Acts as a sweeper/extractor combination
  • Perfect for bags with a 'wet floor'. Separates the dry grain from the lower wet grain level
  • Will 'sweep' the grain up from damaged bags
  • Ideal for grain piles/heaps

EXG300 Extractor

  • High capacity extractor (300 +/- tones per hour) with advance features

2340 Roll Type Extractor


Self Propelled Extractor


You can see a short movie of a grain extractor in action here

  • Three layer film (white-black) with UV protection, 250 microns thick
  • 2 white layers to make the bag weather proof and act as a UV Filter
  • 3rd layer is black and protects the grain from the sunlight
  • All bags manufactured from the latest generation raw material. NO RECYCLED materials are used in the formula to create weaknesses in the bags.
  • Suitable for bagging: Dry Grain, Humid/wet grain, Forages
  • All grain bags come with a unique barcode. This barcode provides access via regular smart phone scanning to the Secure Commodities Virtual Warehouse.


Diameters available:
4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12 Foot

60 Meter, 75 Meter and 100 Meter Bags

Two types of Bags Available

  • Red Line Bags - (Premium Bag)
  • Green Line Bags - (Economy Bag)

  • Grain carts available in 2 and 4 axle configurations
Sizes: 8/10/14/18/20/25/28 ton grain carts

Max 14 Grain Cart (14 ton)

Grain Cart

Max 20 Grain Cart (20 ton)

Grain Cart

Max 25 Grain Cart (25 ton)

Grain Cart

Augerless Grain Cart for Delicate Commodities

Grain Cart

28 Ton Grain Cart also avilable.

  • Quick - Seal a bag in just a few minutes
  • Air Tight Seal
  • An alternative to sealing strips
  • Affordable
  • Convenient
  • Easy to use
  • Portable - Operates from a 12v battery

Silo Seala


Grain Monitoring System

Testing Equipment

  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Android smartphone user interface.
  • Measures CO2, temperature, humidity and grain moisture.
  • Allows to upload some observations such as damaged bag, possibly flooded areas.
  • Includes a TAG RFID reader.
  • Take fast and precise measurements
  • Capable of measuring up to 80 Silo Bags per day (12 points each Silo Bag).

You can see detailed information here

Grain Augers

• 7", 9", 10" diameter 'general' range up to 58 Foot lift
• Shaft Driven
• PTO (Tractor) Driven
• Self Propelled version (Useful for Silo Bag Sites)
• Swing away versions

Grain Belts

Grain belts delivering up to 10 ton per minute

Drive Over Receival Grids

Mobile drive over receival grids designed for high capacity


• Fixed
• Relocatable

Please contact Silo Bag for further information, product availability and pricing.